Home building or renovating is supposed to be an exciting time, not stressful! Our job is to make sure you are never in the dark during this process. From the initial appointment, to the final product, we keep our clients informed and involved.


1. Initial Appointment

Share with us your dream build or renovation! For the initial appointment, we would appreciate that all decision makers be present to allow us to inform everyone efficiently.

For a custom home build, all bases will be covered. Together we will discuss a comfortable price range for your new home, approximate square footage and style of your home, as well as a time frame you desire for the build to be completed. Providing us with a basic idea of design selections such as fixtures, lighting, countertops, flooring, etc will help us in the estimating process.

If you have land already purchased for your custom home, we offer a site review to make sure the build is feasible. If you are a buyer without land, Richardson Residential has partnerships with several realtors that specialize in land sales and will walk you through that process.

For a renovation, all processes will be covered. Together we will discuss and review what part or parts of the home you wish to be renovated. A discussion of style, time frame, and price will also take place. Discussing a basic idea of the selections desired such as lighting, flooring, plumbing, and more are important for a better idea for the budget and style choices.

After discussing your needs and wants, Richardson Residential will inform you of the logistics to get your dreams accomplished!

2. Planning and Selections Appointment

After our initial appointment, if you choose to continue the process with Richardson Residential, we will begin a more detailed planning and selections process. This is the fun part!

For new home builds and large renovations (basement, living areas, wall removals, wall replacements, etc), you will get to meet our architect, Julian Quinn. Julian will sit down with you one on one and discuss your wants and needs for this project! Once Julian has a clear understanding of your goals, he will make them come to life with a full set of plans. These plans generally take 2-4 weeks to complete. Click the link below to view Julian Quinn’s website.


For renovations: kitchen, bathrooms, and closets you will get to meet our designer Shawn Rexroat.  Shawn will sit down with you one on one and discuss your wants and needs for this project! Once Shawn has a clear understanding of your dreams, she will make them come to life with a full set of plans! These kitchen and bathroom plans can take up to 60 days depending upon the scale of the project. Shawn will provide you with three options as well as some preliminary cost estimates based upon discussions you have with her. Her designs are very detailed and leave no concerns unaddressed. Click the link below to view Shawn’s website.


3. Estimating Appointment

After the designs and plans have been completed, tailored, and perfected, it will take 2-3 weeks for Richardson Residential to provide an estimate for the cost of your project.

Richardson Residential is unlike most builder companies when it comes to providing estimates. We create a detailed line item budget for clients to understand how exactly their money would be allocated. For a multi-room renovation project you will not receive only one figure for the  total cost of the project, but a total for each individual room. We section off the estimating per room/per project to provide insight in what each room will cost. Richardson Residential prefers this method so that the client can make the best financial decision for themselves. If one room costs more than expected, we can adjust the plans or put that particular room on hold.

We want our clients to not endure unexpected financial costs. We are transparent and want to hear any concerns if there are any. We are here to help and to make this process as smooth as possible.


4. Agreement Appointment

Ready to move forward? If so, we will set an appointment to sign the Agreement Contract.

If financing is an issue that you are concerned with, Richardson Residential has many connections with local banks. All of these banks have been trusted and used with past clients of Richardson Residential.

So, what is this going to cost you up front? Richardson Residential only asks for 15% of the total cost of the project up front. Many builders and renovators ask for 50% up front from clients, and we believe this is unfair and unnecessary. Richardson Residential works on a progressive invoicing basis. You will only be charged based only upon the work that had been completed to date.

For most clients, a big concern is the progression of the project and if they are allowed to change selections along the way. Richardson Residential has a solution to address those concerns! We utilize web-based software that will allow the client to keep track of their build or renovation. The custom portal contains scheduling, automatic reminders for selections to be made, ability to add progress photos, ask questions, request changes, and more.  All correspondence is kept within the portal to enable easy tracking. This software will allow you to feel in the loop and never left in the dark.

Please watch this video to learn more about Co-Construct Building Software:

We hope you choose Richardson Residential to take care of you and your dream! We believe communication is key in this process, and we never want you to feel confused or taken advantage of. We want this process to be fun and exciting for you and your family. Richardson Residential has been in this industry for over 25 years and will put your interests first.

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